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  2. I can’t believe they’re opening just down the road from the best coffee shop in Knoxville, according to Metropulse. I’m curious what they’re going to do different than Knoxville’s other coffee shops.

    Any opening date set?

  3. Sweet! Just make it a great place to hang with your friends with comfy chairs and I’ll be there! Oh, and free Wi-Fi too. Beeson, the one thing I think the other guys are missing is.. I feel if I don’t have a few tats I’m not welcome. They do have great coffee though. Keep it up guys.. can’t wait to see it!

  4. I am so so excited about REMEDY Coffee Shop. They have been working hard to perfect the surroundings by which you spend your free time. Who has free time to loose? I don’t!! That’s why I will spend my “off time” at Remedy. I want to converse with my community, meet new friends, Be at an exciting place, so only people I like, get in my space!!!

  5. I am interested to see what they do as well. i heard it may be religious based. kim, I am a fairly frequent patron to java, and never have had a bad experience (since the new owners, did you go before the new owners?). I, like the majority of other patrons do not have tattoos(including most of the employees). I have rarely seen anyone greeted with anything less than a big HELLO!

  6. Remedy Coffee is the “Gathering Place” for Knox Life Church, a recent church start-up which formerly met in the downtown Regal (by Californian transplants Sean & Sara Alsobrooks). Knox Life built the space and all proceeds go back into the church and its sister organization, Love Knoxville.


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