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September 23, 2014

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Remedy Coffee Offers Free Coffee and a Blank Canvas

The latest coffee shop in Downtown Knoxville wants you to join their “Mug Club”. For $100 Remedy Coffee will give you free coffee for a year and a mug, crafted by a local artist, that you can paint to your liking. Sounds like a good Christmas present to me. Thanks to Gavin Baker for the link.

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  • Patrick Beeson

    While I like Remedy’s focus on charity and giving, I’m concerned about their status as a non-profit and religious affiliation puts them on an unfair (no-taxes) status with other coffee shops downtown.

    Can anyone confirm whether or not they’re officially a “church” or if they in fact operate within the normal tax structure as other businesses?

  • Sean Alsobrooks


    The coffee shop is indeed owned and operated by Knoxville Life Church but…..

    Since selling coffee obviously falls outside the scope of our mission as a non-profit religious corporation, we are subject to the same taxes as every other business. Payroll, sales, all that good stuff!

    We are excited to get the doors open!


  • Patrick Beeson


    Thanks for the information!

  • Coffee Machines

    Sounds like a great promotional tool. Good luck with it all.



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