10 Things I love about Knoxville

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My 10 favorite things about Knoxville. What are yours?

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  3. 1. The Tomato Head

    2. Riverwalk

    3. Looking South from the North end of Gay street at night.

    4. The Knoxville Museum of Art

    5, The new Riveria Stadium Theater

    6. All the green spaces and small parks with statues

    7. The UT garden

    8. The Victor Ashe Dog Park

    9. Dogwood days

    10. The Wild Coyotes music & Jack Neely’s writing

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  6. 1. Bruce Pearl
    2. Nama
    3. The Disc exchange
    4. West Knox news at 3:30 a.m.
    5. The Fort
    6. Saturdays in the fall
    7. Farragut MILFS
    8. TN theatre
    9. Best high school football town in america
    10. Dixie Dirt

  7. *addendum to previous entry

    11. the kudzu on chapman hwy. it still takes my breath away each and every time i see it

  8. 10. Bruce Pearl
    9. Waterfront walk
    8. My education
    7. Smoky Mountains
    6. Big South Fork
    5. Sacred Heart/All Saints
    4. Short Commutes
    3. The view from Nubbins Ridge
    2. Bridges over the river
    1. Spring

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  11. I dare anyone to prove to me Knoxville is a bad city. I’ve seen a lot of haters around but this is my kind of post. LONG LIVE KNOXVEGAS!

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