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    swapblog, seeing WokHay prompted me to post my reply.

    WokHay, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, Litton’s, Aubrey’s, Gondolier, Mancino’s

    Seeing those in a line makes me realize I need to eat healthier. Ha.

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  3. Nice list, but how can you forget..Sunspot, Bistro, Taste of Thai, Big Eds (…I know Oak Ridge, still solid). Pete’s for breakfast, Season’s, Ott’s (Since its coming back to life), Roosters for Wings, Brewery for beers and bar food ask for Chet….he might show up.

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  6. CP, forgot about Gourmet Market, Eva’s, Ham and Goody’s, Savelli’s, Chick Fil A (except for sunday), Jason’s Deli, and Sullivans, Nixon’s, and of course Stir Fry. Pregnant wife, you know how it goes.

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  8. Colonel’s Deli.
    Cumberland Grill Burger Day.
    King Tut’s.
    Tomato Head.
    Steamboat Deli.
    Subs n’ Such (Maryville)

    I don’t know where you’ve been hiding, but you can’t forget these.

  9. Olive Garden
    Puleo’s Grille
    Apple Cake Tea Room
    La Fiesta (the best chimichangas ever!)
    Panera Bread

  10. Copper Cellar- Wings, beer, and Strawberry Shortcake
    Oodles- Mac n Cheese
    Cafe4- Steak
    Tomato Head-Sundried Tomatoe and Pesto Pizza
    La Fiesta-Chimichangas
    Calhouns-Fried Green Tomatoes and Ribs
    Smokey Mtn Brewery- Roasted Chicken and Cheddar Sandwich

  11. Cocoa Moon & Latitude 35, both at Market Square downtown, and the French Market on Gay Street. Hmm … favorites this month, but I’ll find some new ones next month!

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