February in Review: The Bruce Pearl Effect

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Bruce Pearl

It was no surprise when Memphis took on Tennessee that new television records would be set for ESPN; over 5.21 million viewers tuned in. Oddly enough this was good for Knoxify.

On January 14 we unveiled the hit single from the Sons of Bruce (SOB), The Bruce Is Loose. Roughly a month later, we told you about the SOB world tour. Our analytics have been going crazy ever since.

In February, our Bruce Pearl content accounted for over 14% of pages viewed on this blog. It’s now a fact, Bruce is a one hit wonder.

Some of our other stats included:

Even though we ditched the blogroll, some of you still love us.

  1. KnoxViews.com – 117 visits
  2. KnoxNews.com – 103 visits
  3. KnoxvilleTalks.com – 102 visits
  4. Twitter.com – 40 visits
  5. ALittleKnoxvillian.blogspot.com – 31 visits

What did you think of our content for the month of February? What would you like to see in the future?

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