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The month of May was a big one for the site. Roughly 975 visitors stopped by and viewed 4,544 pages. Our RSS feed grew to 74 subscribers, a new high for Knoxify.

Given those stats, THANK YOU! We continue to blog with lots of enthusiasm because of our awesome readers.

Video Blogging
On May 2nd we published our very first video blog, asking you for the winning Kentucky Derby picks. All of our video blogging efforts were made possible by KnoxTube, who generously supplied us with a Flip Video Ultra recorder. Look for more entries soon on our Vimeo channel, Knoxified TV.

Popular Content
After 19 comments we learned the small things that our visitors like about Weigel’s and Pilot. We also told you about five sites that provide a true inside take on what makes Knoxville great.

When this site was relaunched in December of last year, we had every intention of keeping the focus on Brandon and Casey. After a statement from Jeremy Floyd of Holrob, we decided to alter our strategy.

Knoxville is a wonderful place to live, play and work. It would be selfish to continue posting only the views of the Knoxify boys. So, we are in the midst of building a group of all-star authors that will focus on the positive energy in Knoxville.

Our goal, as a group, is to become the go-to place for the inside take on what makes Knoxville great.

New Knoxified Authors

  • Brittney Moore – A freshman at UT, Brittney is studying journalism and electronic media. She enjoys wasting nights on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Michael Wender – Michael is a freelance web developer/graphic designer who enjoys reading, writing and hiking.

If you’re interested in joining the Knoxified blog camp, shoot us a note.

Again, many thanks to you, our readers, for making this site what it is. We look forward to many more months of showing the world why Knoxville is great.

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  1. I look forward to seeing Knoxify develop with the diversity of authorship…our local blogging community is doing a good job of telling the world why K-town is great–one post at a time.

    Good luck.

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