ALDI Open House and Grand Opening

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Discount grocer, ALDI, is opening a new store in the Powell community. Today from noon till 4pm they’re having a open house with free samples of ALDI brands. Their grand opening is Monday, March 9th. Plug 2801 Schaad Road, 37921 into your GPS for directions.

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    I became a big fan of ALDI during a couple of visits to Germany last year. They run their stores in a slightly different fashion than what is typical for East TN (i.e. you rent your shopping cart while you’re shopping, you supply your bags, and you bag it yourself); however, I don’t think it will take long for everyone to catch on.

    Today is an open house which means nothing is for sale; however, there are plenty of greeters and samples. In addition, they’re also giving away a free ALDI bag filled with a couple of goodies like popcorn, a drink, etc. All-in-all it was sort of like trick-or-treating. 😉

    They have a “soft” opening tomorrow (March 7) with their grand opening on Monday.

  2. The beautiful wife and I rolled out to ALDI Saturday (soft opening) and the place was packed. We bought a few things, prices seemed good, not sure about products quality yet as we have not gotten to try them yet. Plan to go back in a week or so where we can look around more as the store was so full we could not see all the items. Some name brands, lots of store brands (which are fine with us). We took our own bags so no problem there. Remember they only take cash, debit cards and EBT – no credit cards or checks.

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