#BecauseLizSaidTo – An Insiders Guide on what to do in Knoxville

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Below are the top 10.5 things I do in my hometown – Knoxville, TN – Follow along on twitter or instagram…why? #BecauseLizSaidTo

Listen, Google is a great tool to help you find all the tourist traps (read: must do at least once) in East Tennessee such as the Three River’s Rambler and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Dollywood and World’s Fair Park, and they are all great! BUT if you want an insiders guide to what us locals really like to do in our not-so-little town of Knoxville … You know besides watch football … check out the list below.

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1. Go Shopping. It’s my number one always, I LOOOOOOVVE to shop in Knoxville. There are plenty of creative boutiques, especially in The District in Bearden. My two favorites are Serendipity and Ironic. And then of course you must go to Turkey Creek for some real, intense shopping. If you get off at Lovell Road, stay in the right lane.

2. Eat at Aubrey’s. “Real comfort. Real food. Real good.” DISCLAIMER I DID work there over the summer before college … but all favoritism aside, they have some “real good” food. Check out their daily specials before you go and don’t be surprised if your favorite dish from Sunspot shows up now and then.

3. Get a “SMAY” – pronounced “smay” – from Tin Roof on the strip. Don’t ask me what they put in it, and whatever you do, DO-NOT drink more than two. All I know is that it’s pink and that is all I need to know.

4. Get gay on Gay street! No really, every year, Knoxville has Pride Fest. And every year, they have an awesome parade! However, Gay St. isn’t just for Pride Fest, there are tons of places to check out even on a week night for shopping, food, and drinks.

5. Speaking of Gay Street, go to Coolato Gelato. Get a pistachio macaroon for me. Tweet/Instagram a photo of you with a pistachio macaroon #becauseLizsaidto & I will so RT you. Pistachio MacaroOOOOON!! If Tennessee doesn’t have an official Gelato, this should be it.

6. Run (or walk) on the Greenway. There are bunches of trails on Knoxville’s Greenway. My favorite starts here and goes either to the UT gardens, or toward Bearden. It’s an absolutely gorgeous, physically rewarding trip (read: a workout), but it’s fun.

7. Sex Week at The University of Tennessee. It’s SEAT (Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at TN). We are currently in “The Red Zone” which according to the website is “statistically when students are most at risk for sexual assault.” It starts at the beginning of Fall semester, and goes to Thanksgiving Break. Their goal is to get the word out about things like sexual assault prevention through programming and resources provided by the organization.

8. Fifth from the right. This is the game I like to play at The Casual Pint. Whatever beer is on tap, get the fifth one from the right. It will never do you wrong. It’s kinda like Roulette, except, you always win!

9. Run free at PetSafe Dog Parks. There are three around Knoxville and even if you have to steal your neighbor’s cousin’s hell hound for the day, it’s so worth it. I don’t know about you, but watching dogs run around is therapeutic to me!

10. Karaoke at Twisted Mike’s Taproom. It’s a good mix of age groups, a few Over The Hill, a few barely 18, and a ton in the middle. They do a great job and they’ve got that necessary age balance. It’s at 8pm every Wednesday. I’ll be the one singing Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”

10.5 Finally, Sam & Andy’s. The Vol Burger. Bring cash. That is all.

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