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  2. T.D.’s BBQ off of middlebrook is by far my favorite in Knoxville. It took me seven years of living in Knoxville to find high quality BBQ here. Dean’s (owner) ribs are simply seccond to none.

  3. Normally I’d say M+M’s. Having gone there a few weeks back, I’ve decided they’ve kind of gone into a decline. F.A.T.S. is good stuff. The Backroom [where Lucille’s used to be] is pretty fantastic.

  4. Full Service BBQ has got it! The food is absolutely amazing. Plus, like Gavin said, it is in a old gas station. The two guys who started the business took an eyesore of Maryville and made a business out of it. These guys are progressive thinkers who a doing much more than just cooking meat on a grill.

  5. There’s fixin’ to be a “new kid on the block”… or on the ROUXBARBARY COAST that is… Bruce Bogartz is opening a new venue to be known as ROUXBARBEQUE in the Rocky Hill area… should open in early sping 2010 if not earlier (we can always hope!) CANNOT WAIT!

  6. I have tried every BBQ in Knoxville. Ott’s is beyond bland. I’d sooner eat Buiddy’s. M-M’s is okay, but he got his start trying to equal Brother Jack’s and really failed. F.A.T.S. is poor.

    There is only one shining star in Knoxville and that’s Dixson’s off Magnolia. It’s as close to the original master Brother Jack’s as you can get. I imagine many people are not willing to go there for BBQ. If you don’t try this que, don’t tell me what is the best! It is hands down the best!

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