Best Place in Knoxville for Sunday Lunch?

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Last week I posted this question on my site,

Where can Kids Eat Free In Knoxville?

The post generated a lot of comments and recommendations for local restaurants where you could frugally feed the family. The HUSBAND and I were discussing that post while planning our dining out excursions for this month, and soon we were talking about our weekly Sunday Lunch routine.

For the past several months, we have been able to consistently feed our family of four for about $10 or less each week. This feat is usually accomplished by a combination of ordering from the dollar menu at various fast food joints, scouring the house before we leave for church for any Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) coupons I have collected during the week, and splitting and sharing the “VALUE SIZE” option we often employ in an attempt to fill four bellies on the half hour drive home from church.

While this method of Sunday Lunching serves our budget, it is far from exciting or healthy, for that matter.
Every now and then you need a break from the normal and I thought…
there’s no better place to ask THIS question than to the loyal readers of Knoxify…

Who offers the best Sunday Lunch experience in Knoxville?

There are no rules for nominations*, but I would expect that this ‘experience’ would include the following:
1. Flavorful Fare
2. Atmosphere
3. Kid/Family Friendliness
4. Budget
5. Convenience

*The establishment that receives the most recommendations will win the GRAND PRIZE

The Coupon Katie family will test said establishment for the ‘experience’ suggestions listed above, and I will dedicate a post on describing the Sunday Lunching endeavor.

Be careful who you nominate; they might not survive my family.

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  1. This may not be the most budget friendly place for Sunday lunch/brunch but the Copper Cellar on Kingston Pike just east of West Town Mall is the best, hands down.

    Their copper topped bar is loaded down with all sort of goodies or all sorts and for the VERY hearty appetite you can order an additional entree off the menu like Eggs Benedict or get a custom made omelette.

  2. I love Tomato Head and La Costa for Sunday brunch. Have recently been digging the mimosas, omelette station and bangers at the Crown & Goose. It’s less crowded than other venues, has a relaxed atmosphere and handy parking!

  3. We love S & S Cafeteria. With 2 young kids, it’s hard to enjoy a regular “sit-down-and-order” restaurant, but this works great for us. And budget-wise, the kids meals are only 99 cents & include drink & dessert.

  4. Our family visited Jason’s Deli off Peter’s Road a few Sundays ago. They have an incredible salad bar with an added bonus – everything is organic. They also have a soft serve ice cream machine – again, organic ice cream. We have three young children, and they enjoyed their meals as much as we did. I had heard great things about Jason’s Deli, but it wasn’t until I went there myself that I understood what all the fuss was about!

  5. Jason’s Deli – Love it! Great place for budget, kids, and ICE CREAM. Plus their food is organic, like the previous poster said. It’s probably my favorite place to eat right now.

  6. For a buffet I have to say Copper Cellar hands down. For something lighter Mulligan’s off Ebenezer Road next to Gettysvue golf club has a great brunch too.

  7. All of the following are excellent:

    1. Brasserie (pricey but wonderful)
    2. Cafe 4
    3. Crown & Goose
    4. Sunspot
    5. Copper Cellar Cumberland Grill

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