Best Place to Tailgate for a UT Football Game?

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We all know that UT football shuts this town down. Saturday’s in the Fall have been intertwined in our local culture for decades. For those that like to celebrate with their fellow orange and whiter’s…

Where is the best place to tailgate for a UT football game?

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  2. im a huge ut fan. coming to knoxville for the au game with another au couple. is this the best place? it sounds really good. ive never really experienced tailgating at ut. ive been to some games but not a late one, to tailgate all day. can you drink? is it public no permit needed? when is a good time to get there? need info any info will be helpful. please email me at thank you!

  3. @KEVIN M MOSIER: While techically you aren’t allowed to drink since it is a dry campus, as long as you don’t bother anybody, the police won’t bother you. Keep your drinks in solo cups and you will be golden. Get there early for sure – the earlier you get there, the better spot you get…

  4. How do you get a spot for tailgating? We would like to tailgate in a spot close to the stadium, but we’re not sure how it all works since we’ve never done it before. Circle Park would be ideal, since I believe those parking lots are reserved for Alumni, but how do you reserve a spot?

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  6. @CP I called them and she told me there were only 3 spots on campus that I could tailgate and they’re all like a mile away. How is everyone able to tailgate so close to campus? The closest I have found is Calhoun’s, but I wish we could watch the Vol walk. Some of my family has never been to a game or a tailgate, so I’d like to show them the whole experience.

  7. i’ve never experiencetailgating and new in town.where wuold be a good area to tailgate? is there a fee?how early would i have to be?any info would there a n area to set up shop at for free?thanks.

  8. Heather, do you have to pay anything to get a spot near Calhoun’s? How early should you get there to get a spot. My husband and I were there for the Florida game and thoroughly loved the atmosphere on the river. We would love to tailgate there.

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