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  1. Wow! Really?! 3 of the 4 listed are chain restaurants? Might as well throw Jason’s Deli or Ruby Tuesday’s in there b/c you can make your own…plus they have those amazing oil-soaked croutons at Ruby’s.

    I’m a creature of habit and typically get a Caesar salad (I know, boring), but my wife really likes the Strawberry Salad at Aubrey’s. Their “Hail Caesar!” salad is good because it’s not laden with dressing, plus you get fresh cracked pepper.

    Okay…my lunch plans may have just changed. Anybody up for Aubrey’s?

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    2. I agree with Looch Aubrey’s does have some of the best salads in town: there is one really good one–can’t remember what it is called, but it included slices of steak (filet, I think), with apples, walnuts and blue cheese on mixed greens. Filling.

      The salads at Tomato Head are really good too–a great selection, decent sizes. I try a different one every time.

      To be frank, however, aside from Aubrey’s salad, above, it is fairly hard to find a proper “big salad” sufficient as a real meal, without compromising health (deepfriedfatcrispythingsandranchstuff….bleah).

      A really well made Cobb Salad is also something K-ville lacks. Impostors lurk everywhere (I’m looking at you Panera).

  2. Aubrey’s has a pretty good strawberry salad as does O’Charlie’s. I also dig Calhoun’s Chicken Oriental Salad.

  3. Go to Knox pizza and order their green salad for 3.00–it comes with mixed greens peppers, kalamata olives and a nice vinagrette…THEN add some pizza toppings: fresh mozzarella, prosciutto or salami, pine nuts, mushrooms–whatever strikes your fancy–and you’ve got a great “dinner” salad for about $7.50. I can’t eat a lot of doughy, starchy stuff: I watch my husband enjoy a pizza while I get by fairly happily with my “pizza” salad.

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