‘Cars & Coffee’ an Event Filled with Horsepower and Caffeine

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If you’re ever asked to start a ’54 Buick Skylark, simply insert the key, turn, and push the gas pedal to the floor. Full throttle is the catalyst that actually starts the motor. Cool technology for the 50s.

1954 Buick Skylark

Last Saturday I cruised around a block in West Knoxville with Shannon Harper of Harper Dealerships in a ’54 Skylark. It was our transportation to the always fun car show, Cars & Coffee, held at European Auto Garage.

2010 Porsche GT3. Credit: Connor Hinkle

On the West coast, a Cars & Coffee event will often turn up Veyron’s, Enzo’s and even the Lexus LFA. While there were no astronomically-priced cars on hand like the Veyron, there wasn’t a shortage of beautiful cars either.

Overflow parking in the street. Credit: Connor Hinkle

With gallons of Starbucks coffee and countless Krispy Kreme doughnuts to offer the visitors, the boys of EAG helped strategically park each car that showed up. There were Porsche’s, Audi’s, Subaru’s, Ferrari’s, Acura’s and much more. The American muscle crowd had a good showing with quite a few Viper’s and a Corvette with plates that read, H82BEL8. Slick.

A row of spoilers. Credit: Connor Hinkle

Unlike other car get-togethers I’ve been to in the Knoxville area, Cars & Coffee was civil and didn’t scream, “Please arrest me officer.” It was a mature crowd of die-hard enthusiasts that loved their chariot of choice for one reason or another. This meet has been occurring for several months but it was my first time in attendance. Based on my experience and what I know from others, it’s only going to get better with each gathering.

A crowd of car enthusiasts. Credit: Connor Hinkle

For the most part Knoxville’s Cars & Coffee has been a word-of-mouth event, but I learned that if you want the skinny on the next event you can ‘Like’ EAG on Facebook. Even if you don’t own your dream car yet, like me, you should still pay a visit and talk shop about what you will be driving when you win the lottery.

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