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Just who is John Stancil?

John Stancil is a candidate for City Council (At Large Seat A). He and his wife Cynthia live in the Parkridge neighborhood of Historic Park City, immediately east of downtown Knoxville.  John works in sales for Stanley Access Technologies, a division of Stanley Black and Decker, and they have five children and five grandchildren.

Prior, John and Cynthia lived in downtown Knoxville where he became involved in the City People organization, serving on the board and as Vice President.  John has also served on the board of Parkridge Neighborhood Organization and as the neighborhood representative to the Historic Zoning Commission.  John served the first three years on the Knox County Citizen Review Panel for Community Grants, and he represents the Parkridge Neighborhood in the Community Forum, an organization of neighborhood leaders that seek a common voice on issues of concern to citizens of Knoxville.

John has been active in Knox Heritage, volunteering and serving on fundraising groups for that organization. John is a member of Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum, the League of Women Voters of Knoxville/Knox County and actively supports the East Tennessee Community Design Center.  John volunteers during events with Knoxville Golden Gloves and during the Knoxville Marathon.

If Elected to the City Council, Stancil Will…

  • Focus on the universal application of Codes and Zoning.
  • Foster an atmosphere to attract businesses to Knoxville and encourage existing local businesses to stay and expand within our community.
  • Focus on neighbors who live, work and contribute to Knoxville.
  • Partner with council members to increase citizens’ access to the City Council – involve the City Council in quarterly “State of the City” sessions (one sector each quarter) to keep citizens in touch with their city government.
  • Engage with neighbors to report what issues are before the City Council, listen to concerns, and discuss opportunities facing the city.

10 Questions for Stancil…

  1. Favorite Local Guilty Pleasure: Rita’s Italian Ice on Market Square – one of the happiest places in Knoxville.
  2. Favorite Childhood Memory of Knoxville: Growing up in Memphis, coming to Knoxville meant mountains and vacation.
  3. Favorite Local Restaurant: Too many choices, so much local flavor to enjoy with neighbors.
  4. Favorite Annual Knoxville Event: Boomsday is uniquely Knoxville, experiencing it from the Mabry-Hazen House is pure Knoxville.
  5. I’m Rooting for the Magnolia Corridor Project: By making Magnolia a safe, walkable, and commercial area, the “Heart of Knoxville” neighborhood will strengthen our city. The coordinated effort of Knoxville and Knox County (along with State of Tennessee governments and Congressman Duncan) can make this a wonderful place for us all.  Vision of what might be is the stuff of leadership.
  6. One Word that Describes Knoxville: Welcoming.
  7. I’m Currently Reading: Flags of our Fathers by James Bradley and Yankee Years by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci.
  8. I Can’t Start My Day Without: a long walk with my dogs, very early in the morning.  Seeing the sunrise over Knoxville makes me very glad I live in this particular part of our city.
  9. Most Inspirational Politician/Statesman: Both John Adams and Harry Truman, leaders who held true to their beliefs and values despite criticism and, at times, popular opinion.
  10. Quote that Sums Up Your Worldview: It takes an unusual mind to question the obvious. – Alfred North Whitehead

For more information on Stancil’s campaign, please visit his website, or contact John at 865-368-2378,

ABOUT THE SERIES: This fall, the city of Knoxville will elect a new Mayor and City Council members (see helpful explanation here). This series is intended to inform our readers on the various candidates – and hopefully help illustrate the real people behind the campaigns. We reached out to every candidate and offered them the same format, and asked them the same questions. Over the coming weeks, we’ll continue to release a new profile (publish dates are determined by who submitted their answers first). We encourage everyone to be informed and make his or her voice heard! You can register to vote here, and follow the Knox County Election Commission on Twitter and Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: Writer/contributor Laura Braden serves as Communications Director for mayoral candidate Mark Padgett.

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  2. Oh, come on, guys. Love the profiles, but let’s give the candidates tougher questions than “what’s your favorite Knoxville event”.

    I’ve got one for you, John. What’s your take on the homeless situation in Knoxville? (Just that. Your take. No right or wrong answers, no trap follow-ups – I just want to know what you’re thinking and what I’d be getting if I voted for ya.)

  3. Thanks Brian, for a very timely question. 
    Where do I stand on the homeless issue?
    I cannot support, in any way, the current plan whether called the ten year plan to end or the current marketing slogan “compassion Knoxville”.  The plan, to date has wasted precious financial and social resources to accomplish precious little.  To date, 57 units are ready at Minvilla.  25 of those are occupied (17 of those transferred from VMC property at the corner of Jackson Ave and Gay St).  This effort required in excess of $7,000,000.00.  That sum only addressed the housing element with no calculation for “services”.  Another massive sum of dollars is being thrown at Flenniken school property in South Knoxville.
    Knoxville has a huge capacity to care for those in need.  The homeless industry in Knoxville has created a self serving system that fails to address the homeless issue, in my opinion, and fails to consider the will of citizens of Knoxville who will be directly and negatively impacted in their daily lives.  This is not the main issue of this campaign, but is certainly an issue that needs to be put to rest so that we might get on with the business of building a stronger Knoxville.
    Many are focusing on the mayoral race in Knoxville and rightly so.  We had better know the individual City Council candidates and their stands on issues.  Five City Council votes will carry the day.  We are well served to understand who those new members will be.  I will stand for Knoxville.

  4. Hey John, I am on the same page, as Ivan Harmon, supporting you, as a candidate, for city council. Watch your back, in everything you say, concerning the pension plan for the city uniformed officers in Knoxville. This is Crucial for you! As you know, I am an avid supporter of Ivan Harmon, The next Mayor of Knoxville. If i had not withdrawn from the race on council, I would have most certainly been elected to the seat as the candidate I was running for. My support for you, totally depends, on your public announcement, as a supporter for Ivan Harmon. Terry.

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