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Say you’re downtown at lunchtime with a growling stomach. You’ve tried out most of the restaurants in Market Square, worn out Tomato Head (if that’s possible), and Downtown Grill & Brewery just isn’t appealing to your appetite. You want a unique dining experience, something fun, something special.

Head on over to the Knoxville Visitor’s Center located on the corner of Gay Street and Summit Hill Avenue for a treat. Knoxville’s own WDVX broadcasts The Blue Plate Special live from a small stage inside the Visitor’s Center every weekday from noon until 1 p.m. There’s a counter on the right hand side as you come in serving sandwiches, drinks and various sides for your afternoon meal — a perfect accompaniment to the sounds you’re sure to love.

Various bands like Lani Nash, Slow Joe Crow and Knoxville’s own Christabel and the Jons perform on stage for an audience hungry for music as well as food. The bands serve up music ranging from country swing music to banjos mixed with alternative rock sounds. It’s a variety comparable to the menu at Sunspot on the Strip; everyone will find a taste they enjoy.

A few more bands that have performed include Wild Animal Party, Mic Harrison and The Bowmans.

Did I mention it’s completely free? Well, unless you purchase food, but the concert is completely free of charge.

Want to listen but can’t make it in for a live performance? Just tune into any of these stations at noon:

  • 89.9 FM, Clinton
  • 92.7 FM, Sevierville/Pigeon Forge
  • 102.9 FM, Knoxville
  • 105.9 FM, Knoxville

or listen at work by tuning in via Internet at www.wdvx.com. You can also watch YouTube videos of the Blue Plate Special if you still want to see what it’s like or watch past performances here.

Yes, The Blue Plate Special serves up lunch a bit differently, but guaranteed to make life in Knoxville a bit more… special.

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  1. Often a big band that’s in town to perform at one of the bigger venues, like the Tennessee or Bijou, will do a free promotional concert that day at the Blue Plate. I missed seeing Bela Fleck last year and have kept my eyes peeled lately for who shows up.

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