Month in Review: Twitter Makes for a Hot July

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Oh how we wish we could retract the countless hours we’ve spent explaining Twitter to our friends. “It’s a transparent inbox for your business. It will connect you with people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. It will…oh forget it. Just pass the popcorn.”

At least someone must be listening or, tweeting. In July, more of you came to Knoxify from Twitter than any other place on the Web. To the tune of 215 visits. Cool.

Others of you came from blogs (147 visits), Knox’d (102 visits), Knoxville Talks (84 visits), KnoxBlab (66 visits) and All Around KTown (60 visits).

Some of you found us via search. Some of the more funky keywords that landed were:

  • cupcake franchises
  • round couch
  • knoxville ten
  • what does balance mean

But ultimately you were in it for the ‘hood talk, yo. Our top content:

  1. Knoxville Neighborhood Guide
  2. Knoxville’s Blackbird Coffeehouse opens with focus on coffee, comfort
  3. Cupcakes Galore
  4. Wiffleball in Market Square?
  5. KFQ: Knoxville Neighborhoods and Giveaways

As always, if you know of something happening in the Knoxville community let us know at

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