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  3. As someone new to the area (town and state), am correct in thinking that Costco would still not be able to sell wine? I only ask as that is a big source of profit for them and would be surprised they would be willing to come to TN with that in mind.

  4. There are Costcos in Tennessee now, i.e. Nashville & Memphis, that don’t sell wine.

    The liquor laws there are not that different from Knoxville and I don’t believe any of those stores can sell wine.

    The liquor store owners have a lobby to keep things as they are now.

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  6. I am very excited for Costco to be coming to Knoxville.  I have been waiting for a long time.  I don’t know of any markets where Costco and Sams Club do not co-exist, oftentimes directly across the street from each othe. There is plenty of business for both.  In fact, often a city the size of Knoxville will have more than one Costco just as Knoxville currently has more than one Sams Club.  If a problem arises to building it in Farragut we, in North Knoxvill,e would welcome Costco with open arms. 

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