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  1. I really don’t want any, especially in downtown. First Urban Outfitters and eventually we’ll see Old Navy and GAP. I’ve been in downtowns that try to revitalize by bringing in bigger retail names (like Savannah, GA and Saratoga Springs, NY) and they just feel like an outdoor mall.

    Mast, I feel is different because it’s never been a mall store and it is a *regional* chain.

    1. Let’s get all we can in downtown that’s what it needs!!! People who think otherwise just don’t get out much. It’s the best that could happen downtown

  2. Yes Shawn! Trader Joe’s would rock. Heard a rumor maybe a year or so ago that Cabela’s was looking into the area, that’d be nice.

  3. Amen, Gexx. I take great pride in living in a city whose downtown is practically chain-free. Our downtown business owners and operators are the tenants of the growth and development that takes place in our downtown area, not multi-millionaire bigwig investors who could give two craps about the city. There is a place for chains in Knox County. It is called Turkey Creek.

  4. I too would rather not see any more chains in this area. West Knox and the whole of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are already polluted with them.

    I’d like to see area government offer more incentives for local businesses to move into vacancies downtown.

    Mast General Store is about as “chain” as I think we should get.

  5. Downtown does have some chains — mostly restaurants — and I think it’s fine to have them as long as they complement everything else that’s there rather than replace or drive away our local stores. They have a way of drawing people downtown who otherwise might not shop there. A strong downtown business association can help keep the balance in check.

    That said, Urban Outfitters isn’t so much my style. Downtown could benefit from something like Trader Joe’s. Otherwise, I’d love to see an Anthropologie. An Ikea on the outskirts of town would be awesome, but I realize Knoxville is way too small for that to happen.

  6. The last thing Knoxville needs is more chain stores. Every new chain store just makes Knoxville more like every other place in America. . .no more local charm, no need to get out, just shop from home online. Let’s get more local businesses run by local people going and forget about attracting chain stores or restaurants.

    1. It’s obvious that no one here has the money to fill the empty spaces and open local stores so why not get some of these awesome national chains here. Let’s modernize and get out of a rut go get some nice clothes and not look like hillbillys that shop at Walmart and thrift stores

  7. Wow – thanks for everyone’s comments! I’m with The Modern Gal in that I think a balance of local and national – both downtown and in the rest of Knoxville – is what is realistic. And I, too, have to jump on the Trader Joe’s bandwagon. Oh, and an Ikea wouldn’t be bad either 🙂

  8. I’m with Frank..El Pollo Loco would be great! Also, FreshChoice , Good Earth or Souplantation, maybe even a Marie Calendar’s. I guess I miss the food choices most from California!

  9. I’m totally on board with Trader Joe’s. That’s my number one choice. Number two is Meijer. It’s like Super Wal-Mart on steroids. Better selection, better prices, fresher produce and cleaner stores. For what it’s worth, it’s also privately owned.

  10. I think Urban Outfitters would be a good fit for downtown. They need to have a few more stores and not only restaurants down there. I also think Anthropologie would be terrific. That said. I would like to see a Costco most of all somewhere in Knoxville. I miss it the most and in answer to some of the other posts I read on this website, yes, Costco and Sam’s Club do exist in the same city–Memphis. I don’t even have a Sam’s Club membership. I prefer Costco. It would also be great if there were a Nordstrom’s but I would be surprised if they put a store here.

  11. If Knoxville got a Trader Joes, an Anthropologie and a Nordstrom- I would have to move back- save me a place in North Knoxville

    1. Here we are a few years later and they heard us loud and clear. Trader Joes, Anthropologie , Urban Outfitters, Chipotle, and Publix all came!

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