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If you are paying attention, you have noticed cupcakes everywhere now a days. So, Rose Kennedy’s article about Knoxville’s cupcake trend caught my attention in last week’s The Metro Pulse. My roommate is an avid baker and true cupcake-lover (she has been raving about Williams-Sonoma cupcakes since Christmas). I decided to get in on the trend and visited the newly-opened Bearden location of The Cupcakery last night.

The new store is chic and clean. In addition to cupcakes, you can grab logo coffee mugs and shirts with phrases such as, “i love me some cupcakes.” The customer service left a lot (A LOT) to be desired. The very nice staff seemed stressed and harried with just three customers in line. They had run out of several varities and didn’t have bags available for customers with multiple boxes. However, I chalk this up to a new store and new employees who I hope can find their groove soon. I took a red velvet and tuxedo home for the aforementioned cupcake loving roommate.

The product was delectable. The cake was dense and moist, yet fluffy, and the cream cheese icing was rich and sweet. Cupcakes are available as a single serving for $2.75 or by the dozen for $31. An employee mentioned that they will soon be selling four cupcake sampler packs as well. Be an office hero and take a dozen into your break room today.

Where do you side in the Knoxville cupcake wars? The Cupcakery, Mag Pie’s, Rita’s, VG’s?

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  1. I visited this place the other day after checking out Bar Denim Blues. The interior was very urban-sparse, and there were a number of customers while I was there.

    I wasn’t impressed with the variety of cupcakes available, nor did I think the price reasonable. Paying $2.75 for one cupcake? No thanks!

  2. Mmm, I do love me some cupcakes! Thanks for posting this; I’ll add it to my list of bakery indulgences to try. 🙂

    I bake cupcakes occasionally via Betty Crocker, and I hear they’re pretty good. But can these stand up to mine?? Ha, I’m sure The Cupcakery’s will beat mine to the ground.

  3. MAGPIES!!! I know there are others, in fact I’ve tried some of the pretenders, but nothing beats Peggy “The Queen of Cupcakes” and her little bites of heaven! I have 4 doz. minis in her superdeluxe flavors coming for my birthday party this weekend, do weekends get any better?

  4. You forgot to mention that we scraped off 2/3 of the icing– it was so thick and heavy! It’s supposed to be icing on the cake, not cake on the icing!

    Where do I side in the Knox Cupcake wars? Right at home in my own kitchen:)

  5. Patrick – $2.75 is steep for a cupcake, but it is less that a dessert in most restaurants. I would definitely file it under financial “indulgence” though.

    Brittney – It is worth a visit!

    Missy – I have to agree that MagPie’s is still reigns and I don’t think that Peggy will be dethroned any time soon with such a loyal (a well-deserved) following. The only downside for her is a convenient location.

    CLR – You scraped 2/3 of the icing off. I ate it all, much to my stomach’s dismay. Maybe you should open a storefront on the porch for your creations? ?

  6. I just want to note that I don’t really love cupcakes… but this article is so well written that it sure makes me want to carve out room in my palette for one soon. 🙂

  7. They look delicious! This is not only a trend in Knoxville. It’s happening around the nation – small little cupcake franchises are popping up everywhere! Before I moved from DC two cupcake places had just opened up!

    I think some people are planning on taking over the world– one cupcake at a TIME!

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  9. I just moved back to Knoxville from New York City, and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery there (as well as Crumbs and Sugar Sweet Sunshine and Amy’s) cost around $3 (sometimes less). Knoxville cupcake houses should NOT be this expensive.

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