KFQ: Where Else Other than Knoxville?

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Two countries, three busted bottles of travel liquids and one ship later, I’m back in the country. Phew!

After a quick trip to Grand Cayman island and Cozymel, Mexico, I pondered the Knoxified Friday question for this week.

Coming home to Knoxville sure is sweet after being away for a while. But, if you could live anywhere else in the world other than Knoxville where would it be?

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  1. San Luis Obispo, CA
    Boston, MA
    any small, unnamed island on the coast of Maine, but only for Summers and only if it comes with a boat and driver.

  2. London (with a trust fund)
    Manhattan (with a trust fund)

    Other than that, I would just really like to quit my job and travel the world…with a trust fund

  3. @Suzy – I’m really digging your trust fund idea. Consider it a given for my choice:

    Emerald Lake Lodge (British Columbia, CA)

    Link: http://www.crmr.com/emerald-lake-lodge.php

    Conditions: I would use my trust fund to fly my friends and family to visit. We would hike and fish in the summer and ski in the winter (Banff is less than an hour away). During times without visitors I would work on writing a novel.

  4. Charleston, SC comes to mind
    maybe some small tropical island not in the typical hurricane path (trust fund included of course) maybe summering in Montreal or Vancover
    traveling the world with said trust fund
    I’ve never been to London but I can imagine it being great
    Back in Atlanta, though I do like living in Knoxville, alot.

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  6. I would love to be found in a grass hut on stilts off the coast of an Indonesian island hitting golf balls into the ocean.

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