What do you enjoy about your neighborhood?

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Continuing our neighborhood theme for the week, we want to know what you think about your own ‘hood.

But the question this week has a twist: if you reply in the comments section of this post by midnight tonight, July 25th, you’ll be entered to win fresh swag from Rootclip.com. The winner will be announced on Monday, July 28th.

Rootclip is a choose-your-own adventure style Web site. They provide a short video clip to start the story. The rest is up to you. So grab your video cam and start shooting.

Let the question and giveaway begin.

What do you enjoy about your neighborhood? Apartment dwellers, feel free to chime in as well.

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Comments 23

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  2. I honestly don’t feel like I have a neighborhood in the traditional sense.

    Everyone in my apartment complex keeps to themselves for the most part. And being in West Knoxville, things are pretty isolated.

  3. I live in a huge, established (read: built in the 60s & 70s) neighborhood near West Town, and, other than the very convenient location, I love the non-cookie cutter feel, the x-large lots, the great big trees and the laid back neighbors.

    An added perk is that it’s also a great neighborhood to walk in and has these incredible hills that give you one heck of a workout.

  4. I live in an apartment complex just south across the Henley St. Bridge. It’s overpriced student housing, but the ‘party’ atmosphere ensures that you always have somewhere to hang out at night. Yeah it can be loud, but it sure is fun.

  5. We love our location in the Westland/Ebenezer area. We constantly joke about being in the “Westland Ghetto”. It’s a term one of my buddies who lives West of Ebenezer uses to refer to those of us who live East of Ebenezer.

  6. We love Fourth & Gill. It’s an historic district with many grand Victorian homes and Craftsman bungalows. Houses and people run from the expensive and buttoned up, to the affordable and hip. Every street has sidewalks, and neighbors stop for a chat or a cool lemonade. It’s within walking distance of downtown. And we have new and old friends living there as well. 4G is the place to be.

  7. Lake Forest in South Knox is the best kept secret in town. We were developed in the late 30’s – early 40’s, so all the houses are different- with character and affordable style. You can still get a great house on a huge lot for under $200k, which is now impossible in W.Knox. Plus, it’s only 3 miles from downtown, Old City, Market Square, etc, so it’s incredibly convenient. Only major drawback – Chapman Highway sucks. Unless you like used car lots and kudzu. Then it’s fabulous.

  8. I absolutely love North Hills. The historic houses in the neighborhood have great charm.

    It’s wonderful to take a walk with the dogs at dusk. The excessive number of blooming trees and obsessed landscaping make for a beautiful stroll.

    It’s only a short drive to downtown or a hop on the Greenway for a short bike ride.

    North Hills is great if your not hip enough for Forth and Gill, not Uppity enough for Sequoia Hills or can’t conform to the uniformity of suburban West Knoxville.

  9. Rocky Hill is my hood. Good people, great location, and a full service community – restaurants, bars, 2 parks within 3 miles, workout facility, Butler & Bailey, boat launch 1 mile.

  10. Mechanicsville is one of the oldest neighborhoods in town and has really bean overlooked. which is a good thing. Moderate gentrifications has made it a cool hodgepodge of old folks, hipsters, college students, lower class, upper class, ect. almost no where else will you get such a cross section of knoxville society. And the houses are pretty too.

  11. I enjoy the Rocky Hill area in Knoxville because it is central to almost anything of interest in the Knoxville area. The schools for kids that live in the area are also great.

    And the dogs that simply roam free in our particular area (even though there’s a leash law) is even better! You can always count on a dog being near by when you need one or in case your lawn needs fertilizing.

    Seriously though, the housing prices aren’t outrages, and the schools are great in the area.

  12. I live in an apartment complex off Papermill and the best thing is that I’m an equal distance from pretty much everything in town. It’s also easy to get everywhere now that they’ve fixed the interstate on-ramp!

  13. I think jasonegan must be talking about my dogs. 😉 We live in the Woodland Acres part of Rocky Hill. Woodland Acres is a tiny little cluster of small 1950s – 60s era homes on large, natural, wooded lots. The neighborhood is close knit with everyone keeping a close eye on the neighborhood children who roam as freely as the wagging dogs.

  14. I actually live in Northshore Woods. People here don’t watch their dogs at all. I’m not sure why these people have dogs at all if they just let them run around and bark at people and chase cars. I hate when other people’s dogs get in my yard. Probably the dame people that think dogs are like kids.

  15. Eric, I agree that North Hills is a special place. Anyone can join the dog/baby walkers and be a part of the evening social scene that happens between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. Our dogwood lined boulevards and historic homes make the area quite unique. We are a short trip away from downtown/ Market Square or the new Harvest Park/East Town Mall.

    Our yahoo group boast a membership of almost 160 members that create a great “community” within an community” (full disclosure= I am the moderator! because I love North Hills!). We watch out for each other online and in person.

  16. Might I add that a walking video tour can be provided complete with neighborhood highlights and special commentary from local homeowners.

  17. For the most part, I love west Knoxville. I have lived just at the edge of Farragut (off Lovell, just north of the interstate), then off Bob Kirby in Churchill Downs … both areas are great – quiet, country-like neighborhoods but close to everything you need. For the last year though, I lived in an apartment in the Fox Lonas and Park Village area. Man, this area has gone downhill in recent years. Drug dealers, illegal immigrants, and ladies of the night are interspersed with young blue-collar families, retirees and single professionals. There was a car-jacking right in front of my apartment a few months ago – mere feet from where my car was parked at the time. This is NOT Warren House, BTW.

    I am out of there now, and out of Knoxville entirely. Not far … out in the peaceful, rural north Sevier county town of Kodak. God’s country here …

  18. Well, I missed the July 25 cut-off, but oh well… I reckon I must be the only person that lives out in the county that has an internet connection.

    I’ve already commented over on Katie’s site but, the thing I love about my “hood” is the peaceful country living. Rural farmlands, barns, silos, mountain views, train tracks etc… My neighbors are quite and don’t ever bother me. The heaviest traffic we see is during hay cutting season when tractors are hauling bales to the barn. Folks still wave at you in passing and the worst crime we see is when someone trespasses to leave a bag of vegetables on your doorstep.

    I should probably stop boasting about my neighborhood though because too many outsiders are already moving in and destroying the natural beauty of the land. So, I take back everything that I said. It sucks here, stay out!

  19. I love our west knox ‘hood, Farmington. Older subdivision (oldest on Ebenezer, I believe), but the yards are great. We have room to garden and still can kick the kids outside without worry. Neighbors are nice and Pizza Kitchen and Moe’s are only a short way away. Would still like to see more walking possibilities, instead of being required to drive everywhere.

    sorry that I missed the deadline.

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  23. I live on Emoriland Blvd. off Broadway, and I love it. The houses all have lots of character, and we even have a tree lined blvd. It’s the perfect place to take a walk.

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