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As I’m sure our in-house real estate agent will agree, the housing market isn’t what it used to be. Times are tough and stress levels are running higher than normal.

But for some crazy reason that didn’t stop my wife and I from jumping right in, looking for the perfect house to suit our first-time-buyer needs. Being the home buying newbies we were, we turned to Suzy Trotta, shooting hundreds of questions her way in hopes of finding some answers. Not only did Suzy have the answers, she helped us find the house we’d been dreaming of. Only one problem: we needed a mortgage.

My wife and I are frugal and detail oriented, two traits I’m sure every lender has experience with. Suzy pointed us to Kristin Abouelata at Mortgage Investors Group (MIG) for help.

As any home buyer has experienced, we ran the gamut of “please give me a loan” processes. Sign here, sign there, we relied on Kristin to get us through some of the most stressful times of our lives.

We relied on friends and relatives to tell us just how non-customer centered the housing and construction industry is. Kristin proved them wrong.

Through the entire process Kristin worked diligently to meet our needs, leaving an impression on us that will last a lifetime. So much so that we even referred Mr. Beeson to her for his loan.

After leaving the closing table and saying our goodbye’s, we thought we’d cross paths with Kristin many years down the road, when we purchased a new home. However, when I received my very first and also incorrect Escrow statement in the mail, Kristin (via Suzy) wasn’t far away.

After only one e-mail, Kristin had an MIG customer service expert on the problem like white on rice. Within only a couple business days, Kristin and her team contacted the bank that bought my loan, described the problem and arrived at a solution that was favorable to us. Wow!

I could talk for hours about Kristin and her team at MIG but all you need to know is that she’s the best. She’s extremely responsive to inquiries, current on her lending knowledge and as professional as anyone I’ve met in any industry. Most importantly, she cares about her customers.

If you’ve got a good mortgage or real estate story or if you’ve dealt with MIG be sure to leave a comment.

Customer Centered is a series of posts that showcase Knoxville businesses that actually care about their customers. If you have a story to share send it our way.

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  1. Patrick and I were so happy with our experiences with Suzy and Kristin, as well.

    My mom’s a Realtor in Greensboro, NC, and I’m used to the lingo, as well as being overly informed about the home-buying process.

    It was nice that both Suzy and Kristin made it their jobs to be just as informative. Because even having grown up with real estate talk in my home, it was a whole other prospect to be the home-buyer. The willingness on their parts to help and inform (and inform again when we asked the same question two weeks later) was a great comfort.

  2. I am the Realtor mother of Lindsay Durango, who commented above.

    Just as she had a different perspective on the process being a buyer as compared to being raised around real estate, being the parent of a buyer was different for me, watching from the sidelines. But it was immediately obvious from the things Lindsay shared with me that Kristin was a professional lender who made a good, clean loan. It was a great relief.

    I will heartily recommend Kristin and Suzy to anyone moving from the Greensboro area to Knoxville.

  3. My wife and I used Kristin as well. She was great and I’d recommend her to anyone. As first time home buyers we had a LOT of questions and even though Kristen switched to her current job shortly before we closed, she was still there for us when we had questions.

  4. I agree! After getting the run-around from my bank (Regions), I wound up at MIG on a whim. Bryan Farmer immediately got the ball rolling even hooked me up with my real estate agent. It was fairly smooth-sailing, considering it was my first time buying.

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