Did You Want the World Cup in Knoxville?

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Yesterday, Neyland Stadium (and Knoxville) was cut from an initial list of 70 stadiums vying to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022. Fortunately for our friends in Middle Tennessee Nashville is still in the running.

Did you want the World Cup to be held at Neyland Stadium? If an event is held in Nashville will you be road-trippin’ it?

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  1. @knoxify sorry, but I don’t think Knoxville/ET has enough hotel rooms for the 100,000 visitors (I estimate only 2,037 locals attending)

  2. @knoxify and I know Bristol is much smaller, and I don’t know how they handle 300K. I love Knoxville, but it couldn’t handle World Cup

  3. Yes, I wanted the World Cup here. Not because I like soccer (far from it) but I got excited over the countless jobs it would bring, especially in my field (video/television production.)

  4. Yes, that would have been really cool. I am not even that big of a soccer fan, but the World Cup is just fun to watch. Seeing that kind of excitement would have been awesome in Knoxville.

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