Knoxify ‘Hire Me’ Resumé Section Decommissioned

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On January 12th of this year, we launched a campaign to help local Knoxvillian’s find jobs by allowing them to post their resumés free of charge on our site. Up to today, the ‘Hire Me’ series has been successful by exposing those needing jobs to local, hiring businesses.

Sadly, we have decided to decommission the Knoxville resumé portion of our site due to misuse. Just as we had many folks tell us we helped them land jobs, we’ve also had a large amount of people notify us of harassing phone calls, e-mail, etc. coming from people misusing info found in their resumés.

When we started this small venture we certainly didn’t want it to end like this. However, as we close the curtain we want to thank everyone who helped promote, administrate, and maintain the ‘Hire Me’ series from the bottom of our hearts. We really appreciate everything that was done to make this a success.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear this. I was moderately excited when I got approved to have my resume on the site, but I will admit the only call I’ve gotten is from a collections headhunter looking for call center reps. A job that’s way, way out of my field.

    I’m, of course, still technically unemployed.

  2. I want to thank everyone at Knoxify for creating this section and answering the call in the community when so many of us lost our jobs. I didn’t find a job through Knoxify but putting my resume and filming the video gave me an opportunity to market myself. I have a job now that’s not in my field at the moment but I’m thankful that I have some way to take care of my family. Keep up the great work Knoxify.

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  4. I hate to hear about the misuse of this section. It was a great idea and it’s a shame that it has to be discontinued. Good luck to those that are still searching for jobs out there.

  5. My boyfriend and I plan to move to Knoxville in the summer/fall because I will be starting school there. Can anyone recommend other places to job search for opportunities in or around Knoxville? (so far, we’ve mostly only looked at Craigslist)


  6. It’s a shame abusive people had to ruin something like this though I’ll have to say I hadn’t received any feedback from my resume on Knoxify, positive or negative. I will say that this is not a problem unique to Knoxify as I’ve encountered more scams on Career Builder and Monster than anywhere else on the net.

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