Editorial: So Much Knoxville, So Many Conflicts

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Over the past couple of weeks we have posted content that, in some eyes, posed a conflict of interest. Let’s take a second to navigate a minefield, shall we?

First, we’d like to point to our static Disclosure page. It has been in existence for quite some time with little changes. Give it a review if you have time.

For a while now we, the authors and owners of Knoxify.com, have been struggling to define conflicts of interest and how they’re going to shape our content going forward. This site was started to showcase what makes Knoxville great and we have close to 600 posts furthering that mission. We publish this blog as a labor of love which means we have day jobs to help keep the lights on.

Some of us are healthcare professionals, some are PR moguls, some are engineers, some are media people and some are real estate rock stars. From time to time the things that make Knoxville great land in our portfolios as clients, friends, colleagues, etc. When this happens we have to walk a fine line.

Our belief is that if it’s truly a great asset to the Knoxville community then we should cover it. If covering a great topic yields benefits to anyone on our team we will fully disclose them in the content. No matter the circumstances, we want all of our readers to know that anything we publish is done so with a genuine, ethical voice.

Should you have questions about anything related to Knoxify or tips for us please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below. We greatly appreciate everyone that has helped shape our site into a positive media model.

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    Thanks for the reply. This post is just a small part of our transparency plan so that our readers know we’ll always be upfront and honest with them.

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