Eric Bell Knoxvillian Tri-World Champ

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Congrats to Eric Bell, a former Farragut Native and Knoxvillian, a Triathalon World Champ. Currently, on his way back from Vancover, British Columbia…via an email from Eric:

It is a dream that stirs in me long before I ever realized it was so. I have wanted to compete for the United States of America, in something…anything. I have been a runner for many years. I ran in middle school, high school, and then on to college, where I ran for the University of Tennessee. After college, I did what society expects from every graduate…I got a JOB. I am fortunate that it came with many great opportunities.

All this time there has been a voice inside me that keeps saying, “There is so much more for you out there and you must accomplish it”. My vision now is to compete on the 2012 Olympic Team. After just my second year of competing in triathlons all over the world, I realize this has become an absolute possibility. I have worked hard to finance my training, and my competitions. I am blessed to have such a supportive network of family and friends.

My dream is possible. With a lot of determination and dedication on my part I will make my dream come true. In doing so, I know that I could not be where I am today without the people who believe in me and offer their support.

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  1. Do you do coaching. If you are interested give me a call and leave a message. My number is 865-684-8550. I could tell you more but not to waste our time I’ll wait to see if you call and then we can talk. Congrats on your finish at Vancouver.

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