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  1. I think Instapundit’s analysis is correct: “My advice to travel writers — always open your point with a minor error that’s sure to get under local bloggers’ skins, and watch your traffic and rankings soar!” Allison Glock’s “couch” comment was her hook for getting local blog interest on her topic.

    Perhaps we need to solicit suggestions for best new Knoxville nickname? 😉

  2. I’m just tired of people nagging on about it….vomit. The scruffy city takes a beating from the NYT again. So many new things are going on here…its only a matter of time before we make a statement and get out from under the thumb.

  3. Maybe a new nickname for Allison Glock? The Clueless Traveler? A new direction for this bloggity story? Something like “get off the couch!” There’s my suggestions. Of course, when I moved back here in 1989, I called Knoxvegas the Yogurt Cup, because the culture levels between Knoxvegas and a cup of Yoplait were about the same. But she didn’t mention that one, now did she?

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