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  1. I would gladly second Coop’s choice…however, I was attacked by flies last week while enjoying a Rocky Mountain IPA on the patio at Aubrey’s @ Landmark.

    I’ll offer an alternative…sitting out there on Gay St., watching the passersby, at DG&B.

  2. I have to agree with both of you. La Costa on Market Square is solid, as well as the New Nama, Stir Fry Bearden, and Baker Peters

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  5. My hammock, in my backyard, with a bottle of Francis Coppola Green Label Claret or maybe one of my magical Margaritas. Because I got these mad mixology skillz. But if I’m going out, then the Patio at Pres Pub is as good as anywhere.

  6. The roof at the now defunct Charlie Pepper’s on The Strip was my collegiate favorite. Now it is probably Barley’s with friends and a pizza.

  7. i guess i’ll toe the wigshop line and say backroom bbq. @casey- it’s the little place right behind partick sulivan’s. in fact, they share the same kitchen. they have a great little courtyard hidden behind the building.

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