How to Navigate the Concord Road Bridge Repairs

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Last night I decided to torture myself and attend a spin class at the David Family YMCA. I was the first one in attendance which seemed odd. After the class filled up I began to hear rumblings of why everyone arrived late: Concord Road bridge repairs. Ack.

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As the Farragut Press reported on August 19th, TDOT is taking the Concord Road bridge down to one lane to conduct “full and partial depth repair on the bridge decks and repaint the existing steel structures.”

Just as expected, the natives aren’t happy now that the once efficient roundabout has morphed into a 3-way stop, red lights and all, much like it was years ago. I experienced a 30-minute delay during my after work commute yesterday so I understand the pain point this is causing everyone.


But here’s how you can avoid it.

I-40W to Campbell Station

  1. Traveling on I-40W take the Campbell Station Rd exit 373. At the light turn left onto Campbell Station Rd.
  2. Take Campbell Station Rd to Grigsby Chapel Rd and turn right.
  3. Follow Grigsby Chapel Rd until it turns into Smith Rd.
  4. Follow Smith Rd until you reach the Kingston Pike intersection. Turn right onto Kingston Pike.
  5. Take Kingston Pike to Virtue Rd. Take a left onto Virtue.
  6. Follow Virtue Rd until it turns into Boyd Station Rd. At the railroad underpass stop sign you will have the option to go right onto Boyd Station / Martel or make a left onto Harvey Rd.

View Concord Road Bridge Alternate Route in a larger map

After speaking with several folks last night the directions listed above were fairly standard for everyone. Obvisouly, you can hack them up and choose a route that fits your destination but avoiding the Northshore roundabout until October 31st is in your best interest. Otherwise, pack a lunch.

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