Is Knoxville a social media hotspot?

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Lately, I have realized many of my clients, employees and friends already know what’s going on with my personal and business life. Which in turn propels conversation past “how are you doing” and takes us directly into immediate conversation about subject matter.

Based on my experiences, Knoxville is ablaze with social media interactions on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and local blogs.

Is Knoxville a social media hotspot? Have you met new people through sites such as Twitter and/or Facebook?

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  1. I have met a few as well. I find it interesting during things like debates, football games, and work days people connect, challenge one another, and in most situations build a relationship.

  2. I’ve met a select few through blogging and social networks, just by finding things we all have in common. I’ve also learned quite a bit about Knoxville as I’ve kept up with other people’s blogs and pages.

  3. I’ve met tons of people. I’ve made friends, formed business partnerships, met clients, and just generally gotten to know people I would never otherwise have met.

    Through Twitter I’ve also gotten to know a lot of people who I’ve never met in person, but with whom I still feel a tremendous sense of community.

    So, yes, I think Knoxville is a social media mecca and it’s been a blast being a part of it this past year.

  4. Here’s another plug for Knoxville as a social media hotspot. In particular, check out the Audio/Podcasts tag on the public library’s blog:

    We’re podcasting about literature and about Knoxville history. It’s loads of fun to do these, but I’d love to get some comments and advice.

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