Underground Knoxville Tour Tonight

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Josh Flory of Property Scope reported that a tour of Knoxville Underground is set for tonight. “Knox Heritage and Dewhirst Properties are hosting a tour of Underground Gay Street tonight from 5 to 8.” In typical non-profit fashion, Knox Heritage has made this a “members-only” event. Tell ’em Knoxify sent you, maybe they’ll let you in.

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  1. Its more like Wunderground Knoxville heard they’ve got some big rats down there! I really would love to take the tour. Anyone know where we can sneak in, I have heard of some places…..

  2. Apparently you can join when you get there. I’d love to hear what it’s like under there- will it be open on days other than tonight? And doesn’t Knoxify have all-access passes to the entire city?! What’s up with THAT??

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