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Back in January, Patrick Beeson wrote one of the most popular posts to ever grace the front page of Knoxify, Coffee and Chocolate sets par for Knoxville coffee shops.

The last time I checked the quaint little establishment near Market Square was still going strong. C & C is obviously a favorite of the locals.

What’s your favorite Knoxville coffee shop and why?

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Comments 11

  1. I’ve gone to Coffee and Chocolate a few times and each time I’ve had a bad experience. The baristi are snooty and they over-brew the espresso into a bitter hot-mess.

    The best coffee in town is unfortunately in the lobby of St Mary’s. That old hippy makes a damn smooth latte.

  2. As far as coffee places go, I’m still living in the past-

    I still miss the old days at Old City Java (early 90s) and am still mourning the loss of Java Homberg. Yes, I am old.

  3. I usually prefer the small, local joints over the national chains. Of these, my favorite is the Downtown Grind on Gay St. However, IMO, the best coffee in town is Seattle’s Best at Borders.

  4. @Eric Moritz I agree…Blackbird coffee rocks! I love the coffee, service, atmosphere, music, views, everything…Ali and Craig are the best!

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