What’s your favorite broadcast station?

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Knoxville is fortunate to have a varied spread of local media outlets, especially when it comes to television. According to ETEDA, Knoxville is a top media production hub along with New York, L.A. and Atlanta.

What is your favorite local broadcast station?

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  1. Great post BC. I’m more of a Robin Meade/Morning Express kind of guy but if I had to choose a local station, I’d go with WATE.

  2. I’m mixed. I watch what’s on. Never watch the morning local news, or the 6 PM, not home at 5 either. Maybe watch the 10 or 11. Just curious…do Knoxvillians watch the local news and if so, what station?

  3. @CP: CP check this out! If you search WATE in Google the second link is Barbie Cummings story. I know this probably changes, but how funny is that.

  4. Up until recently when the broadcasts got be real crap, I watched the Nightbeat on WBIR.

    But I think it should be understood that I don’t think there are a lot of 20 somethings that watch the news at all any more. I get my fill by the time I’m done checking my feeds…

    I grew up on the morning and 6pm news, though and even mom always chose WBIR..

  5. Again, another question I’m really no help with. I stopped watching local news about the same time I stopped caring about getting out of school for snow days.

  6. I watch WBIR most mornings, but only out of habit. Local television news in general is pretty horrible because of the following:

    * Uncomfortable banter between talking heads
    * Slightly biased tone when reading some stories
    * Most stories have no-depth
    * Inclusion of national news that can be found any number of other places, including the Internet and national cable news (CNN, etc)

    I think a better option for most folks is to turn off the TV, and turn on your radio to the local NPR station. In fact, I believe I’m going to start doing just that. 🙂

  7. Interesting points, I didn’t intend to kill the local news….but that seems to be the point made in many of these comments. I guess it comes down to innovation.

  8. For some reason, when I watch the news, I usually turn on WBIR, I don’t know why.

    I’d have to go with Patrick though and say NPR is the way to go, TV news to just so lame.


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