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Knoxville newbie: term used to describe someone new to the Knoxville community.

After moving from the windy city of Chicago (way too cold) to “Mouth of the Rat” Boca Raton, FL (way too many toy dogs) and rounding out my tour with graduate school in Washington, DC (way too many politicians),  I decided it was about time to make a place home. That place ended up being Knoxville.  So far there have only been way too many nice people here that it makes me wonder if this place is real.

Having only been a resident of Knoxville for 2 months now, I am happy to report that this place is earning its place in my heart.  Knoxville it turns out is a medium sized city, with big small town charm. 

So far my Top 5 list includes:

  1. Calhouns on the River – Perfect for a summer night. A burger and beer complete with a river side view.
  2. Knoxville Greenway – A great way to get out and enjoy the surroundings.  Also have never walked passed someone without getting a hi, hello, and how ya doing?
  3. UT spirit – Does every car come complete with an orange “T” on the back? This town is proud and shows it! Doesn’t matter how good the team will end up being, I’m pretty sure everyone will keep wearing their UT watch.
  4. Knoxville Twitter Community – Network, connect, and make friends.  Also the quickest way to find out where the best lunch spot is! Taste of Thai and Firehouse subs frequent the chatter at noon.
  5. Market Square – From Sundown in the City to Shakespeare on the Square, Market Square offers a rich culture of entertainment, food, and that small town charm right downtown. Plus, World Grotto is like a grown up version of Fraggle Rock.

As a Knoxville newbie, I know there’s much more to be discovered.  Keep a look out for additions to this list and feel free to make and post your own!

If you were to make your Knoxville Top 5 list, what would appear on it?

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  1. My Top 5 (+1):

    1. UT Football
    2. Calhoun’s On the River
    3. Hiking House Mountain
    4. Downtown
    5. Faith Promise Church (
    +1: The Ephesus (Mediterranean food on the Strip)

  2. 1. UT – it is Knoxville in case you didn’t notice.
    2. Great Smoky Mountains- most visited national park for those of you who live less than one hour away and go twice a year to drive through Cade’s Cove, take a hike.
    3. The lakes around Knoxville – don’t take the summer lake experience for granted.
    4. Sundown in the city
    5. The Food – Aubrey’s, Calhoun’s, Savelli’s, Buddy’s, Big Ed’s, Little Joe’s and Ye Olde Steak House.


  3. 5] Downtown late at night/early in the morning – Its a slice of amazing serenity.

    4] Autumn weather and colors – Can’t be beat. That cool dawn and dusk air, trees full of beautiful shades of red and gold.

    3] Local bands – One of the most underrated music scenes around the country.

    2] UT Football – An event that has to be witnessed live and in person.

    1] North Knoxville eateries – Louie’s, Harbie’s Deli, and Vic + Bill’s

  4. We have a social group of former Fl people who have moved to Knoxville on yahoo.( knoxville sunshine group) This is so nice. We want to know about it all. We just love to find out about new things & places. This helps us allot. Thank you!

  5. I agree with all the listings but you are leaving out a favorite of mine…The Soup Kitchen, Cedar Bluff and Kingston Pike has the best soup in the world! 9 or 10 different ones every day and their grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl is just like a slice of heaven. Especially great on those cool fall and winter days.

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