New Neighborhood Guide: Downtown Knoxville

Suzy Trotta Knoxify News, Local Living 2 Comments

Photo: jacdupree | flickr

Exactly where you would expect it to be, Downtown Knoxville is in the heart of the city. That means our newest neighborhood guide is filled with condos, lofts and other residential spaces that are both new and historic.

Knoxville has seen a lot of growth in the downtown area over the past few years and the home sales section of our new guide is clearly indicative of the “boom” from 2006 to present.

If you’re a downtown resident leave us some feedback in the comments on what you like and dislike about this area.

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  2. Great guide Suzy! Maybe it’s a little self-serving, but I’d also like to add that my comic books and gaming shop is in downtown too – Organized Play. ( So if there’s anyone of the hobby bent looking to come to town… we’re right on Cumberland & Gay! 🙂

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