Where Are the Best Deals in Knoxville?

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Last week we left you hanging without a Friday question. Shame on us. But I’m willing to bet that many of you were Knoxify-less as you searched the city for the best deals on Black Friday.

Have any luck or are you waiting until the last minute?

In any case, where have you found the best deals in Knoxville and what products or items are hot on your list this year?

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  2. HHGregg had some awesome deals on washers and dryers, which Lindsay and I took advantage of. Not sure if those sales are still on post-Black Friday though.

    Stores like Gap, Banana Republic and JCrew in West Town Mall are having crazy sales.

  3. For the ladies in the house, Repeat Boutique at Downtown West is pretty cool. They have great sales and designer duds. I got my favorite sweater there for $4. Sweet!

  4. for the audiophiles out there your classic staples are normally kicking major butt as far as discounts go, Disc Exchange and Lost and Found had some excellent discounts on their vinyls and of course McKay is filled to the brim with inexpensive music goodness.

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