Whose Car is Parked in the Market Square Garage?

Brandon Clarke KFQ, Questions 9 Comments


Last night I took advantage of the after hours free parking in Market Square garage. After all, it was the closest spot located nearest to my destination, Cafe 4.

As I walked towards the exit I came upon what has become a pillar of the parking garage, the covered car pictured above. For as long as I can remember, this car has adorned the same spot.

Whose little red covered car is always parked in Market Square garage and what make and model is it? I wasn’t brave enough to pull the cover and find out for myself.

Comments 9

  1. I’ve seen that thing time and time again. Next time I’m downtown, if its there, I will pull back the cover. Hopefully I can remember to bring my camera. 🙂

    It may warrant mentioning, there’s an old school Jeep that’s always parked in the garage too. Usually with the top off.

  2. It is an MG B, circa 1980 or so. Beautiful little car in terrific condition. I know the owner, too. He drives another vehicle as his main transportation. A few years ago we owned a 1980 MG B and every time I see this one, I miss mine more!

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