Will You Be Ice Skating in Market Square This Year?

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Even though the Sentinel reported that Downtown Knoxville parking prices may go up soon, we doubt that will keep the ice skaters away.

According to their Web site, over 16,000 people enjoyed the ice-skating rink last year on Market Square. Starting Friday, November 28th, the Alstom-sponsored rink opens up to the public again.

Will you be getting your Downtown skate on this year?

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  1. Lisa and I will attempt to stay upright while cruising the crowded oval rink. My advice to all new skaters: Wear think, long socks! The upper part of the boots can rub the skin off your legs. Don’t ask me how I know that. If you have regular socks, tuck in the pants legs. If you skate in shorts with no socks, you are on your own!

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  3. As much as I love Market Square at Christmas time, I will never get on that ice rink again. Melting ice + what seemed like 500 people on the ice at once = a not so fun time. This year I think I’ll be fine enjoying some hot cocoa on the sidelines.

  4. Um, no. Too many kamikazi kids and not enough zamboni action makes that icerink one lawsuit away from being named after me (and my shredded ACL).

    Hmmmm, wait, that’s giving me an idea on how to pay for Christmas! Skating anyone? It’s on me!

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