Ask the Readers Roundup: Where to Get a Good Burger

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A little over a month ago we asked you for opinions on the best burger in Knoxville. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed as you poured in 24 comments of beef-grilling burger joint suggestions.

We want to act on your suggestions and find out for ourselves just who has the tastiest bun-hugging concoction in Knoxvegas. Here’s our short list of itinerary worthy restaurants. Leave a detailed comment if we should add another.

  1. Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  2. Litton’s Market & Restaurant
  3. Northshore Brasserie
  4. Big Fattys
  5. Vic & Bills Deli
  6. Sam & Andy’s

After our taste testing is completed at each establishment we will provide a genuine Knoxified review right here that you can either toast or roast with your own opinion.

If you or someone you know has a business and would like to lighten the load on our wallet’s with a sponsorship as we trek through the list above, shoot us a note here. We’ll give you some serious exposure for the help.

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  1. Five Guys is the most overrated burger joint in America. Littons is the best and the Fuddruckers. Gridiron Burger in Turkey Creek would be the best if it hadn’t closed its doors.

  2. Post

    @Knox Ani­mal: You’re probably the first person I’ve heard with “negative” feedback on 5 Guys. I love it so much I sought it out on a recent business trip to New Jersey. I can echo your sentiment about Litton’s. They have great burgers.

    @MDB: Wow, those sound like fresh burgers.

  3. Fuddruckers should be on the list. Not that these listed places aren’t good, but that fuddruckers is that good

  4. Litton’s has a moderately ok burger and a tradition that allows them to charge a crazy amount. When I go out for burger and fries, I don’t want to spend $25 on burgers and fries (and then you add sodas or beers on top of that!) At that point I fire up my grill, grab a six-pack and some local pasture-raised ground beef, and make my own.

    If I want a quick burger I hit Five Guys. If I want to sit with friends and have some beers, I go to the Downtown Grill and Brewery

  5. Another vote for 5 guys, it reminds me a lot of In-And-Out Burger, which I miss. Sadly, I was really disappointed in Litton’s also. Very underwhelming food at outrageous prices.

    Like Gexx, I’m always happier with a burger grilled at home than anything I’ve found around town.

  6. Not as well known for a burger, but Ye Olde Steakhouse has an excellent, and LARGE, variety. The cheapest item on the menu by far, but coupled with a plentiful side and crisp salad make it a nice score for dinner.

  7. I have lived in KX all my life and have always thought Littons were the best, but now I think it is a toss up between Littons and Sullivans in Rocky Hill. They make homemade bread and the burgers are cooked perfectly. Get it with smoked chedder…

  8. La Costa on Market Square is not the first place one would think of for just a good ol’ burger, but I wandered in for lunch one day and was blown away by their burger. The meat was seasoned and cooked perefectly, the server suggested adding some fancy cheese I don’t dare attempt to pronounce (much less spell), and the chipolte mayo topped it off perfectly. It’s a must try.

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