Should UT Have Moved the Rock?

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It’s not everyday that a rock gets more press than a man who calls 911 and shares his plan to rob a bank. But this week was no ordinary week at The University of Tennessee campus.

Famous for its ever-changing messages, ‘The Rock’ has been a staple on campus since the 1960s. But as some of you shared your feelings with us about the recent ‘Rock Move’, it became clear that little is sacred at the university.

Did the university make the right move by placing ‘The Rock’ across the street from its original location just to build a new Student Health Center?

Photo by: uncle mike in knoxville

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  1. I just don’t see why they found the need to move The Rock.. It has been a landmark at UT for years. I don’t like it on the other side of the street. It doesn’t look or feel right… Poor decision.

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