Best Place to Workout in Knoxville?

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Now that New Year resolutions are in full swing, I’m sure a lot of us put exercise on the list. If not, continue on with your physically-fit self, then.

Whether it’s pumping iron like Arnold Schwarzenegger or hitting the treadmill like a marathoner…

Which local gym is the best place to get a well-rounded workout?

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    I actually wrote this before joining a gym in hopes of seeing what people preferred. However, my wife and I decided to join the YMCA and try it out for a couple of months.

  2. My wife and I go to the YMCA downtown and love it. It’s much nicer than Fort Sanders, where we went previously. And the historical significance — it was one of the first YMCAs in the nation — is great to boot!

  3. I chose Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Center. I wanted a gym where I could leave my child and feel absolutely comfortable, and it is established and very well staffed. I also liked the Y, but the childcare hours weren’t conducive to my schedule. It’s pricey, but I feel you get what you pay for – the facility is very nice, with both indoor and outdoor pools and tennis courts, towels are provided, the classes are excellent. But, it’s in W. Knoxville, which is a hike for a lot of you!

  4. @Meg: have had a membership at Ft. Sanders since 5th grade, its used to be my second home….I give it a thumbs up too, anxious to try either West Hills Y or DT? Heard the Magnolia is Y is nicest around and no one is ever there…any truth to that – anyone?

  5. The eastside YMCA off of Magnolia is definitely awesome. I used to go to the Y downtown until I moved closer to the east. The facilities are all new, they offer basically the same classes as the downtown, and there are almost always machines available. It’s a bit busier now that the New Year’s Resolution crowd has taken over, but give it time and the weak ones will soon be weary of hitting up the gym! Oh yeah, and the pool at the Magnolia Y is also great!

  6. @bcknoxify

    I visited the Magnolia YMCA during the holidays, and wasn’t very impressed. The equipment was not very clean, and they didn’t have as much as the downtown YMCA.

    But they do have better parking than the downtown YMCA, which says a lot if you’re going in the middle of the day during the week.

  7. I find that the bass-thumping music, the cheerleaders with headsets, and the generally frenetic atmosphere of most gyms interfere with a concentrated workout, so it’s Mind Body Kinetics in Homburg for me. Pilates is thorough – as mentally engaging as it is physically challenging. It’s great, and the MBK folks are the best! For a more aerobic workout, I’ll take the great outdoors over anything inside!

  8. We were Y members before moving to Knoxville and recently rejoined (part of the resolutions crowd I guess). We like the west side, but I’m old enough to really enjoy a steam room or whirlpool after the workout…which they do not have. I’ll have to find time to try the downtown.

  9. The best “place” to workout in Knoxville is with Operation Boot Camp! We have 3 camps at Lakeshore park. This is a truly transforming 30 day program. I am an instructor now, but I began as a camper; and every sweaty, beyond challenging, early morning minute was MORE than worth it. And still is.

  10. I love having a membership at The Rush because there are so many facilities to choose from. No matter what side of town you’re on you have a place to go that’s conveniently close to home or work.

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