The Bachelorette From Knoxville

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I have been friends with Valerie Weissinger for quite sometime. Valerie is a Knoxville Native/Farragut High School grad/University of Tennessee alumni – living in Nashville, TN/owner of Val’s Boutique. I am proud of her, and think she deserves to be Knoxified, below is why:

Val was invited back to a final casting call for The Bachelor 2009 season. The season started last night and I can’t say I’m a huge fan…but the wife is, I peek but only because I have to from time to time. She gives a great review of the process and how she could not help but be herself – real, funny, uncut, beautiful Valerie Weissinger.

I respect the fact that she stood strong to her family values, beliefs, respected herself, and did not break – no matter what pressure was put on her to be another TV rating. Val you are a solid woman…and because of that you have been Knoxified! Thank you for being you, check out her experience on her blog here.

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