Your Opinion: Best of Knoxville in the 2000s?

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In just a couple of short weeks we’ll wrap up the 2000s, a decade that has shown our scruffy little town political chaos, a high-profile murder case, a spill of epic proportions and many more negative, gut wrenching stories. Unfortunately, we haven’t been around since 2000 so we haven’t had the chance to share the Knoxville positives with you. So you tell us:

Over the past decade, what Knoxville stories, projects, programs, businesses, etc. have shined above the rest as the best of the 2000s?

One that comes to our mind is the I-40 SmartFix project.

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  1. I would say some of my favorites are the huge leaps in growth downtown, the World’s Fair Park remodel, and reopening the Sunsphere to the public (with a bar inside!!)

  2. This may get some of the high-brows turning up their noses, but the complete flip-flop in fortunes of UT Football – from the high-flying 90’s (Johnny Majors transition to Fulmer, the Manning Years and the National Championship) to turmoil, disappointment and upheaval in the 2000’s (2 losing seasons, legal problems for players, Fulmer’s ouster and the Kiffin band of pranksters).

  3. I would say the obvious improvements. Look at Knoxville 10-years ago vs today. Downtown is alive and vibrant with great entertainment and attractions. The Interstate is improved and not a bottleneck in downtown. Turkey creek has developed into a centerpiece.

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