Year in Review: Top Knoxified Stories of 2009 and More

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Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy two year birthday dear Knoxify!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been churning away at this site for nearly two years now. Time flies when you’re having fun interacting with the many people that call Knoxville home. We want to take this pixel space to display a few stats, look back on our top stories from 2009, and also give you a glimpse at what’s on the horizon for the site.

Unique visitors: 36,586
Pageviews: 130,326
Total # of pho­tos in flickr pool: 2,210

Top 10 Most Popular Stories/Series

  1. Knoxville Neighborhood Guides. We have heard stories that our ‘hood guides have convinced people to move to Knoxville sight unseen so we’re not surprised to see them at the top of the list.
  2. Lost Your Job? Apply Inside. This post generated a ton of buzz including multiple TV interviews and hundreds of resumes landing in our inbox. We feel fortunate that we got to help a few people land jobs during this tough economy.
  3. University of Tennessee Salary Database. A last minute addition to our site, this brief story is a search magnet. Inquiring minds want to know about salaries.
  4. How to live in Knoxville. Sure, we love Knoxville but we also know how to ruffle a few feathers now and then. Patrick’s post on living in Knoxville brought out the boundary lines in a few commenters.
  5. Best Place for a Haircut in Knoxville? Everybody needs a haircut, right?
  6. Did Publix Buy Food City? Actually, no they didn’t but the rumor we reported blew up the Google juices. However, Publix is looking for a home here.
  7. Knoxville’s best coffee shops. Our readers love to talk about coyotes, food and coffee. It’s no surprise that this post is in the top 10.
  8. Best Pizza in Knoxville? We live in a town where pizza joints sue each other over cooking methods. The 30+ comments on this story provide good direction on where to find the tastiest slice.
  9. The New UT Football Locker Room. A popular post but we were asked to take down the images we posted shortly after the story ran. Go Vols!
  10. Have you seen coyotes in Knoxville? You knew it was coming. 80+ comments don’t lie, Knoxville has an abundance of coyotes.

If you follow us on Twitter you probably know that we’re in the midst of a site redesign and branding overhaul. We want to provide you with more content presented in a user friendly way. We’re hoping our new layout will do the trick but we can’t reveal anything major just yet. Butttt, we can give you a sneak peek at our new logo that’s still in draft mode (hopefully our design firm will forgive us for this).


As we wrap up we’d like to say to all of our family, friends, readers, visitors and coyotes, thanks for another great year! We’re looking forward to keeping the site going and giving you more reasons to love Knoxville.

All the best and Merry Christmas,
The Knoxify Crew

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