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Who’s talking on Knoxify? You are. Some of the best comments from the past week or so listed below for your reading enjoyment.

Before Dollywood There Was…?
“Holy moley. I vaguely remember Silver Dollar City. Think I may still have a few ginormous, plastic mugs with the logo on the side. Goldrush Junction, way before my time.” – Jody Collins

Would you support panhandling meters?
“I spent a little under two years as an officer with the Knoxville Police Department and interacted with the homeless on a daily basis. I am of the opinion that the homeless problem runs far deeper and will require far more to resolve than a parking / change meter can provide.” – Matt Heisig

Yet Another Coffee Shop in Downtown Knoxville?
“Sweet! Just make it a great place to hang with your friends with comfy chairs and I’ll be there! Oh, and free Wi-Fi too. Beeson, the one thing I think the other guys are missing is.. I feel if I don’t have a few tats I’m not welcome. They do have great coffee though. Keep it up guys.. can’t wait to see it!” – Kim Sanderson

Top 5: Knoxville Newbie
“We have a social group of former Fl people who have moved to Knoxville on yahoo.( knoxville sunshine group) This is so nice. We want to know about it all. We just love to find out about new things & places. This helps us allot. Thank you!” – The Knoxville Sunshine Group

What do you enjoy about your neighborhood?
“North Hills is great if your not hip enough for Forth and Gill, not Uppity enough for Sequoia Hills or can’t conform to the uniformity of suburban West Knoxville.” – Eric Moritz

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